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SOLO EXHIBITION | Still Remained

– Exhibition Concept –

The theme of this exhibition is reconsidering the essence of perception that relies on vision and how to make/view art.

By disrupting ephemeral images/information transmitted via the media and reconstructing them as art pieces,

I point out the agility of media such as SNS, and the inertia of modern people accepting the information as it is without ascertaining its quality or authenticity.

How useful are art and exhibitions as a means for exploring the hooks of perception and memory,

and as a means for reconsidering them?

In modern times you can easily have a pseudo-experience of exhibitions through a display.

While considering such things, I would like to provide works and exhibitions that ‘still remain’ in the memories of the viewers.

MISATO KURIMUNE Solo Exhibition『Still Remained』 2018.9.14(Friday) - 2018.10.13(Saturday)

OPENING PARTY: 9.15 SAT | 17 : 00 -

OPEN : TUE - SAT | 12:00 - 19:00 CLOSED : SUN, MON & HOLIDAYS

Venue:TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY Yamazaki Bldg. 2F 1-19-27 Minami-Horie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka JAPAN URL: [Talk Event] Date:9.15 SAT | 15:00 - Moderator:Paweł Pachciarek Speaker:Misato Kurimune, Lucia Tallová *Admission Free


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