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MISATO KURIMUNE Solo Exhibition『Images/Muse』

2022.6.22(Wednesday) - 2022.8.8(Monday)

OPEN|10:00 - 18:00



201 Rivage Junibancho, 9 Junibancho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, JAPAN

"Images" is a series of lenticular lenses superimposed on fictitious images created by compositing data selected from the Internet, including data photographed by the artist.

By changing the angle from which the work is viewed, the figures in the series repeatedly appear and disappear.

The works points out the reality of digital photography, which coexists with alteration, and also provides the viewer with an active visual experience of change as he or she changes his or her point of view.

The work encourages a reconsideration of all kinds of reality and a new view and consideration of the visual experience itself.

The representative work of it "You may be in this world. Or you may not be." won the Sankei Shimbun Award at the Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021, which will be exhibited for reference this time. In addition, a new work from the series, Images/Muse, will be exhibited for the first time at this exhibition.

[Artist’s statement]

"Images/Muse" is a reference to the Greek goddesses "Muse," who were said to have governed all aspects of the arts and sciences, and who are used today to refer to the "ideal woman" who is strongly featured in music, fashion, etc. The image of a woman with admirable abilities and beauty is now not limited to three dimensions.

Nowadays, the image of a woman with admired abilities and beauty is not confined to three dimensions, but is created “To meet the needs of modern people" using AI and 3D technology in the virtual space.

The emotional movement of being captivated by the existence of these women, while at the same time feeling affection for their transience, is similar to that of encountering a rainbow after a rainfall.

In this work, I imagined such an "ideal woman" and digitally synthesized her.

What is the ideal, what is reality, and what is the existence of what we perceive through our vision?

Through this beautiful image of a woman, I would like to reconsider these questions.


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