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SOLO EXHIBITION|The Wheel of existence

Misato Kurimune Solo Exhibition『The Wheel of existence』

2023.9.23(Saturday) - 2023.10.12(Thursday)

OPEN|12:00 - 20:00



4-11-20 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


Kurimune has been exploring the essence of existence, time, beauty, and life through various forms of expression, including mixed media, video art, and installation, with a focus on photographic expression.

This act is also an exploration of Kurimune's own philosophical propositions through the expression of contemporary art.

When we hear the word "existence” , we are inevitably given a time axis that involves "life and death," which sometimes casts a dark shadow over our thinking, but at the same time, in our cultural context, it is seen as an "event" with significant meaning, narrative, and mystery.

In this exhibition, Kurimune speaks of the truth that "life and death" is not an abstraction and representation of intermittent events, but merely a symbolic point of passage that is inevitably met in the midst of time and things that continue to change without stopping ( “Change is the only constant in life.” And “Everything is in a state of flux.” ).

In her mixed-media works, Kurimune represents the entire space as a “wheel” . There, we are surrounded by a vast and abyssal cycle that goes beyond the visualized "life and death” .

Eight new mixed media works and a new series, "Germination," created for this exhibition, will be exhibited for the first time.

We hope you will not miss this opportunity to view these works.


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