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GROUP EXHIBITION| [E.x.changeⅠ-seed] Exhibition

Group Exhibition

『Daegu Sister-Friendly Cooperative Cities Culture and Art Exchange Project [E.x.changeⅠ-seed] Exhibition』

2022. 9. 27 (Tuesday) - 10.16 (Sunday)

Opening Party:2022. 9. 30 (Friday) 17:00

Venue:DAEGU ART FACTORY The 1 exhibition hall

Organizer:Daegu Metropolitan City / Daegu art creative group KNOCK

Planner:Song Hojin(Curator)・Song Mookyung (Assistant Curator)


Daegu|Kim Yong-tae・Kim Hyun-soo

Ningbo, China|Ruoheng Ding

Kobe, Japan|Misato Kurimune

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam|Duy Phuong

Bangkok, Thailand|Naraphat

E.x.change is a cultural and artistic exchange project between Daegu Metropolitan City and young artists in overseas sister and friendship cooperation cities.

Each city's artists exchange emotions (E:emotion) at their respective locations (x: x-axis), and seed means the first, that is, the beginning, of the main exhibition.

Through this project, we intend to rebuild the network between cities by promoting cultural and artistic exchanges that have been stagnant due to COVID-19.

In addition, the perspective of young artists who work based on photography, We hope you can also experience a new perspective on the scalability of photo media.


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