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The group exhibition Interactions is curated by Tomoko Sawada, a contemporary artist active both in Japan and abroad, with Misato Kurimune and Ayano Sudo, who have also attracted attention in the contemporary art world for their approach using photography.

The exhibition consists of three artists who make portrait works and whose concepts are identical in essential aspects. The exhibition develops individual perspectives on the relationship between the seen and unseen in the questioning of the questioning of human existence through seeing, by incorporating the unseen, such as the uncertainty and ambiguity of existence, into the images.

The title "Interactions”, means "the three artists' works influence each other" and symbolises the relationships contained in each work, such as "seeing and being seen" and "existence and absence".

Talk shows and portfolio reviews by the three artists will be held during the exhibition.


GROUP EXHIBITION|『Interactions』Curated by Tomoko Sawada

【Dates】Thursday 13 - Monday 17 June 2024.

【Opening hours】13:00 - 18:00

【Closed】Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

【Admission】 Free

【Venue】 Laugh&Peace Art Gallery (Yoshimoto Honkan, 3-15 Sennichimae, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka)

★Portfolio review by Misato Kurimune and Tomoko Sawada

【Date】 15 June 2024 (Saturday)

①14:00-14:15 ④15:00-15:15

②14:20-14:35 ⑤15:20-15:35

③14:40-15:55 ⑥15:40-15:55

15 minutes per person (up to 6 people) 

Ticket on sale Monday 22 April, 11:00 -

Advance tickets: 5,500 yen (incl. tax)

【Ticket purchase】

The exhibition can be viewed during the review, but the review cannot be observed, only by the person who applied.

★Talk show by Misato Kurimune, Tomoko Sawada and Ayano Sudo

【Date】 16 June (Sun), 14:00-15:30, free entry, autograph session after the talk.


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