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GROUP EXHIBITION| Beyond the light

Group Exhibition『Beyond the light』

Aiko Kunieda/Yasuaki Kudzumoto/Misato Kurimune/Mayo Koide 2023.1.6 (Friday) - 2023.1.18 (Wednesday)

OPEN : 11:00 - 18:00 CLOSE : 1.8 (Sunday)・9 (Monday)・15 (Sunday)

Admission free

Venue:Kyoto Seika University Gallery Terra-S Meisou-kan 3F, Kyoto Seika University, 137 Iwakura Kino-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto URL:

Artists:Aiko Kunieda/Yasuaki Kudzumoto/Misato Kurimune/Mayo Koide

Organizing:Kyoto Seika University Contemporary Art Project Executive Committee

The exhibition focuses on the world that emerges not from its own emission like a moon, but from the reflection of other people's light, gravity and other relationships. Every human being is attracted to things with a sense of presence that float in the darkness.

In order to understand "what is there," this exhibition proposes an approach that does not necessarily focus on the center of the event, but rather carefully captures and considers the various relationships that are chained around it and the existence that is illuminated and transformed by something.

The works of Yasuaki Kudzumoto, Aiko Kunieda, Misato Kurimune, and Mayo Koide focus on the “Beyond the light" and the surroundings of light, rather than on the light itself, and give viewers a sense of the momentary appearance reflected by the passing light and the depth of the “shadow".

The works in this exhibition share the same viewpoint and method of scooping up casual phenomena and relationships, and we hope viewers will feel the quiet resonance of these works.

*This exhibition is organized by students of "Expression Research 3, 4" and "Contemporary Art Project Exercise 4" in the Faculty of Art, Kyoto Seika University.


I will exhibit 《Morise/moon for Terra-S》2022 and others.

I hope you will visit the exhibition when you are in the neighborhood.


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