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The project making it easy to enjoy art “# STAYHOME, STAYCREATIVE!” provides video streaming of artists working in Kobe,

It have been working on a number of projects such as "Awareness-raising from artists associated with Kobe to the public"

and with the aim of "providing content that allows citizens to enjoy art in their homes" and "creating opportunities for artists' activities and opportunities for presentation”.

This time, I also participated in the project and provided the video. I would be happy if you could see it.

StayHomeStayCreative! #006/栗棟美里 現代美術家 「壁に穴を開けないアートの飾り方」

※The video is in Japanese only. I'm sorry about that.

Artists from a variety of genres have participated in the project.

Please enjoy this opportunity to take a break at home.


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