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MAKI Collection ‘JAPAN’

2021.5.22(Saturday) -

OPEN:TUE - SAT|11:00 - 18:00(FRI:12:30 - 20:00)


Venue:MAKI Collection

1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN

ARTISTS:Anne Kagioka Rigoulet, Yukimasa Ida, Makoto Saito, Taro Shinoda, Atsuhiko Misawa, Kimiyo Mishima, Toshiyuki Konishi, Hideaki Kawashima, Ritsue Mishima, Takahiro Yamamoto, Koichiro Takagi, Misato Kurimune, Yusuke Hanai, Ayako Rokkaku, Kyne, Ly, hi-dutch, Takuro Tamura, Satoru Tamura (in no particular oder)



MAKI Collection’s second exhibition will focus on Japanese artists from a wide range of generations and genres.

The featured works radiate an atmosphere of rigor and elegance as well as depth and order that is latent in the artists of this region. Its colors, light, and shadows are born of this land where cities exist alongside nature, enveloped by the countless hues of the changing seasons. Exhibited are identity-rich, conceptual works along with works that reflect the spirit of Japanese fashion and culture. This exhibition attempts to bring together these various generations, genres, and ambiences under the common framework of “Japan”.

We hope that you will enjoy this exhibition, with its structure and dignity, as well as its sense of lighthearted openness.

Please note the exhibited works will be changed periodically.

*Jonas Wood's Tennis Court Drawings will remain on permanent display.


The title work of my solo exhibition at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka for the other day "You may be in this world. Or you may not be.” will now be shown in Tokyo.

I hope you will visit the exhibition when you are in the neighborhood.


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