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Mixed media in which the artist outputs AI-generated data using a lenticular lens structure and overlays water droplets reproduced with transparent ink on top. As the work is viewed from different angles, the color and contrast of the image changes, just like a display that is affected by the viewing angle. 


Much of the two-dimensional data is output through three-dimensional media, and for those of us who have become accustomed to digital communication, the reality can even surpass the three-dimensional.The water droplets superimposed on the display are a metaphor for the three-dimensional reality we perceive in relation to two-dimensional data. On the other hand, the images that change as soon as we change the angle of the display ridicule the dependence of two-dimensional data on a three-dimensional medium. 


What is the essence of what we see? What is it that the viewer sees on the other side of the display? Is it reality, or something beyond reality? This series encourages reconsideration and reflection.

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