Misato Kurimune Artist Statement

Through the mixed-media technique of drawing over my own photographs I have been consistently questioning the essence of beauty, existence, time and life.

In recent years, I have created work based on the concept of discovering the essence of “seeing” in a society overrun with information via the internet, and I have been expanding the possibilities of expression through collaborations with companies.

At the root of this concept is the idea of ‘Yuishiki Shiso’ which means ‘Consciousness Only’. It is a philosophy held by the Hoso sect, one of the 13 major Buddhist sects in Japan. It is a philosophy that Genjo Sanzo, who translated many of the Buddhist scriptures into Chinese, wanted to promote the most, and it teaches that "all existence is a flow of the mind", and the content is philosophical, religious and scientific. It is a thought that makes wave in contemporary society.

This idea of Consciousness Only, added to the universal propositions, are embraced in my expression through the use of photographs of borrowed objects from contemporary society.

Universal propositions, however, are so often lost in our hectic lifestyles and daily responsibilities that we often live without paying attention to or even being unaware of their delicate nature.

I use art as a visual communication tool to convey a message to the viewer. The reason why I choose visual art rather than words is so that I can convey a message to people of all identities, backgrounds, generations and nationalities through a form of art that has acquired a value that can exist in its own context.

For me, the very essence of existence and time, the search for what it means to live in this dimension as a human being, and the question ‘what is truly beautiful?’, are all the driving forces behind my work.

Through my work, I continue to explore the behaviour of art in relation to the limited time that life and things can exist, and the human desire to possess as much of it as possible.