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Group Exhibition『One FACE 2023

PART2:2023.6.17 (Saturday) - 2023.6.25 (Sunday)

OPEN|12:00 - 19:00 (Last day until 18:00)

Venue| roid works gallery


The response to the novel coronavirus infection that has been going on since 2020 is changing, and we are finally returning to a more peaceful routine. Although many people still cannot take off their masks, it has become a way of life to continue social life based on the assumption that new coronas exist. In addition, today we live in an age where we can easily communicate with people on social networking services without knowing what they look like.

These may be said to be characteristics unique to modern people.

However, human emotions and feelings are expressed on our faces, and receiving silent words from the other person's facial expressions and atmosphere is what communication should be about.

In this year's "One FACE," the third exhibition of the roidworksgallery, 29 artists from different generations will exhibit their works on the theme of "face.

The unique expressions created by their sensitivities and the charms that emerge from the inside of the person will give hope and vitality to our lives in the future.

We hope that through this exhibition you will discover how the way we communicate will change in the society we will live in, and how important the richness of facial expression is.


[ PART2|Participating Artists ]

Katsumi Asano

Shintaro Inoue


Yoshiyuki Umehara

Mariko Enomoto

Ai Ohkawara

Haruhito Omuro

Misato Kurimune

Kevin Lee

cocoro nakaura

Hinako Sugiyama

Shion Takano

Kimiko Chikuma

Sonoko Nukaga



Images/Portrait #19 will be on display.

I hope you will visit the exhibition when you are in the neighborhood.


※All exhibited works are sold by lottery,

You can register for the artworks through the website.

If you register on the exhibition page of the AaP website, you will be able to view the list of works

you can view the list of works and apply in advance. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

(Application Deadline : 22nd June, 7p.m. in JST)


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